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Photo Session Client Mood Board Template (For Canva)

Second Photographer Guide Template (For Canva)

Are you working with a new second photographer? Use my 17-page template and send them guidelines before you work together! Instant Access

Improve your client experience with a custom photo session mood board! This 3-page template can be customized to fit any kind of photography session. Instant Access

Customizable guides, templates, and resources perfect for photographers who would rather spend time playing than designing.



Wedding Day Photography Shot List

Pre-wedding questionnaire Template (For Google Docs)

Wedding day packing checklist

Elevate your client experience with my 10-page pre-wedding questionnaire. Tie up all loose ends before your clients' wedding day arrives! Instant Access

There are hundreds of photos you have to capture at a wedding. Never miss a single "must have" moment again with my Wedding Day Photography Shot List. Instant Access

Download my Wedding Day Packing Checklist and never leave an essential piece of gear at home or at a wedding again! Instant Access




My Favorite Tools





Calendly is an online program and is what I use to schedule all of my portrait sessions and client meetings. I recommend getting the premium or pro accounts.

This is how I send contracts, invoices, questionnaires, and timelines to my clients. With automated emails and tasks Honeybook helps me stay organized with all of my client work. Try it out and get 20% off for one year!

Flodesk is my email list and newsletter program. I like that I can make pretty newsletters and assign tags to clients. Click the link and get 50% off your first year.

Simplified Planner



Photomechanic is what I use to quickly cull through my wedding and session images. It's literally cut my culling time in half!

Available in both weekly and daily versions, I love how these cute planners help me organize my days. Simplified has other practical - and adorable - items too, such as notebooks, page markers, and legal pads.

Pic-Time offers beautiful online galleries with a built-in client store, slideshow creator, and marketing automations to help you sell more prints and print products. Get a free month using the code KPHLR8

My Reading List

Must-Read Books that belong on any small-business owner's bookshelf.

Profit First


Building a Story Brand

By Debbie Millman

By Mike Michalowicz

By Donald Miller

Total Money Makeover

By Dave Ramsey

Fave Podcasts

I don't often listen to podcasts, but when I do, these are the ones I listen to while I work.

Called To Both

AKG Podcast


By Andreas K. Georgiou

By Joy Michelle

By Davey Jones

Life Is Short With Justin Long

By Justin Long

Pod Meets World

Photo Field Notes

By Rider Strong, Danielle Fishel, Will Friedle

By Allie Siarto

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Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. That means, I get a small commission if you purchase through the link. However, I make it a point to only share tools and resources I use and truly love!

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